100 Years

A look into the past.A leap into the future.

This year, we turn 100 years old. To discover our mission,
look no further than our name: Brentwood Bank.
We were founded as a community bank focused on improving the
lives of those who call the South Hills home.

Yet as we celebrate the past, we’re already looking toward the
future and new, innovative ways to evolve the mission that began
back in 1922 and serve our customers even better.

Because life doesn’t stand still. And neither do we.

Explore our pastwith the Time Tumbler.

Ever wonder what Brentwood Bank was originally named or when the bank was founded?
Visit yesteryear by exploring key moments in Brentwood Bank’s history and what was
happening in the nation at the same time. Take a quick spin now.

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The Spirit of 1922

Brentwood Bank began with two things: some pretty humble blue
collar roots and the drive to do anything to help people in the South
Hills. Watch this short video to see how it all started.

100 years of the past. Year 1 of the future.

Brentwood Bank President and CEO Tom Bailey explains why our
past is a beacon for the bank’s future. Read what Tom has to say.


A Letter from our
President and CEO,
Tom Bailey.


This year, Brentwood Bank turns one-hundred years old. Milestones such as this are usually meant for reflecting upon the past.

But what truly excites me is our future.

That’s because the previous one-hundred years have proven how we can grow from a one-employee bank depositing hard-earned paychecks from steel mill workers as they got off the streetcar, to a thriving community bank with nearly a hundred employees and thousands of customers. And when I think of how far we’ve come, I can’t help but think of all we’ll achieve together in the years ahead.

Of course, one thing will never change at Brentwood Bank: our commitment to you. We’ll always be here to serve your everyday needs with the financial solutions that make life easier. The same goes for your someday wants. You can always count on Brentwood Bank to help you achieve life’s biggest goals.

In some ways, the future has already arrived at Brentwood Bank. We continue to expand the financial solutions to help you achieve your goals. Last year, we launched our personal finance tool to help you make smarter financial decisions around managing your money. In early summer, we introduced a new mobile banking experience that makes it even easier to get quick access to your accounts anytime and from anywhere. These are just two examples of our commitment to making it easy to bank with us. There are many more offerings and solutions in the pipeline we are designing specifically around your wants and needs.

And the future is also here for local businesses. As word of our expertise continues to spread, we’re deepening our commercial and small business banking services to provide the end-to-end financial management solutions and the fast loan approvals businesses need.

Finally, in this anniversary year, I’d like to thank you for your trust and support. Looking to the years ahead, I can truly say our best is yet to come.


Tom Bailey
President & CEO
Brentwood Bank